Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Holiday Insanity Continues

Hello All!  The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we're not there yet.  I thought I'd just write a quick post to update you on Snodgrass happenings.

Late Dec. 16, I got home from Hawaii (see my last post).  On Dec. 18, we headed to Spokane (we did not want to take the trailer over the pass, so we stayed at a hotel) for a very busy weekend.  We had Christmas concerts Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Sunday morning and evening.  It was a very busy but very blessed weekend.  We enjoyed our time away as a family during the day and then enjoyed serving at 5 different churches.

On Monday, Dec. 22, we left our hotel in Spokane and headed home.  We made it to Ellensburg, and then our truck engine passed on to that big junkyard in the sky.  We had not been having any trouble that we were aware of, so it's passing was very shocking and difficult for our family to deal with....ok, I apologize for my dramatics! :)  Our engine's death was a complete surprise to us and left us sitting in Wendy's for three hours trying to figure out what to do.  In the end, we left our truck at a mechanic temporarily and rented a car.  I'm sure we were quite a sight to see as we emptied our truck (the bed was COMPLETELY full) not knowing if we'd ever return to it and stuffed our belongings into the cute little Jeep Liberty which was the only vehicle available at the rental place.  Don't tell them but I expect we were riding a little low!  The boys sat side by side with a tower of belongings on the third back seat and their feet resting on other stuff.  I had my knees against the dash with more of our junk in my lap.  If it hadn't been such a long exhausting day for him, I would have envied my husband and his comfy driver seat.

Tuesday evening Josh had a Christmas concert and then Wednesday we did a Christmas Eve service at another church!  We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with my family on Thursday.  It was fun and relaxing!  Then, yesterday after much prayer and counsel (and because we were running out of time - rental due back on Monday and new tour starting on the 8th) we bought a new (to us) truck!

Needless to say, we are a bit pooped!  We rested today in preparation for tomorrow morning when we have to leave the trailer at 5:15am in order to get to the church we're ministering at by 8:45 (much driving and a ferry ride are involved).  Josh will play at The Lights of Christmas on Monday and Tuesday evening and then we will be done with ministry events until January 10th! Phew!  We are ready for that break!

We love you all and appreciate your prayers through this crazy holiday season!  I'll try to post more pics soon.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
p.s. Next Friday (the 2nd) Josh and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary!  It has been the best 11 years of my life and I'm still madly in love with him.  Josh is my best friend, my hero, and love of my life! (just in case you were wondering ;)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Living Room Paradise

Sometimes we are given a gift that is extravagant!  This kind of gift brings tears to our eyes because we know the cost and we know the value.  Sometimes the givers have no idea how much that gift will mean and we have no way of really putting that into words…

A few months ago a couple dear friends bought me a ticket to Hawaii.    Of course, this seems extravagant, because it is.  Here’s the thing though, it isn’t the beach or the sun or the heat or the ocean that made this gift so valuable.  The value came in the people who were waiting for me with leis when I got off of the plane.

I just spent one week in paradise.  My paradise looked like a living room with two little ones who call me auntie (and not just because we were in Hawaii).  My paradise involved rocking a sleeping baby, bedtime stories, fantastic Bible teaching from one of my favorite pastors, late night conversations, and prayers with a family that have been “family” for several years…okay, I’ll admit the tropical fish, lagoon swimming, and sun bathing weren’t half bad either! ;)

I am beyond grateful for this precious week of refreshment with sweet friends! 
 the view from my morning run

 Our Luau date

 Flamingos at the zoo and a Sea Turtle on the Beach

What an amazing week!  Now, back to real life. ;)  We have five ministry events in the next 4 days!  Looking forward to worshipping the King!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Let the Christmas Insanity Begin

I am sitting at Starbucks alone right now.  We've been staying at my sister's house, which is always a blessing and allows for lots of special sister and cousin time...but does not allow for much quiet. :)  5 kids 8 years old and under means lots of noise!  I decided that before the busyness begins tomorrow, I should take a few minutes to get some work done and that meant leaving the house.

Sunday morning we were at our home church, Renton Bible Church!  What a gift it was to be there!  There is nothing quite like being surrounded by those who have known and loved you for years.  It was refreshing to my heart!  Also, the boys got to go to "their" Sunday school class with their friends which they were super excited about too!

Tomorrow we head to Puyallup for the Victorian Country Christmas.  If you're in the area, come find us!  We'll be there tomorrow and Friday.  Then we head to Portland for the weekend.

Next week I leave town for a week to visit a dear friend.  I'm so excited to see her and her family, but it's always really hard to leave my boys.  Please pray for the three of them while they are "mommy-less"! :)  And pray for me while I'm away from my guys!

We have very busy schedule this month.  Be sure to check out our schedule if you're in the "Seattle" area (or in Portland or Spokane - we'll be in both of those areas this month too).  There's a link on the right side of my blog to our tour schedule.

Here are a few fun pictures from the past couple weeks.  (ps. the prayer page is updated)


 Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 10K with my Baby Sis
 Snowman with the cousins and Daddy
 Helping Auntie Decorate
 Sunday morning at "home"
Snowflake Lane