Who Are We?


Hi, my name is Sarah!  I am a flawed Jesus lover who is trying my hardest to follow my Shepherd.  I trip and fall a lot, but my God is patient with me.  I want to be just like Him when I grow up!  I started this blog to keep my family and friends up-to-date on our family's great adventure as we travel to churches all over the west side of the United States sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and encouraging Believers in their walk with the Savior.  To learn more about our ministry, you can visit www.onehopeonetruth.org

That handsome guy in the picture above is my love, my best friend, and my all time favorite person!  My hubby Josh is an incredibly talented guitarist, powerful speaker and Bible teacher, a fantastic daddy, and the sweetest man alive!

These two cuties are my awesome kiddos!  You may have noticed that this is the back of their heads!  (No, they do not just have a ridiculous amount of facial hair! :-P) 
You will not see their cute little faces on this blog. :( 
As much as I'd love to show them off, this is an agreement I've made with them. 
They live an unfairly public life and this is one way I can offer them a little bit of privacy.
Caden is my oldest.  He is the coolest 9 year old ever!  He loves to read, especially things that teach him something about animals.  He's super funny and has a sensitive heart!  Caden loves Jesus and is a mighty prayer warrior!
Noah is my "little" guy.  He is almost 7!  How can that be?  Noah is a LEGO maniac.  He has a joy that is contagious and that no one can take away!  He is quick to forgive and does not take himself too seriously!
I am truly blessed!

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