Thursday, January 22, 2015

We Keep Our Bread on the Printer...Where Do You Keep Yours?

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Tuesday night I was cooking dinner and there was a knock on our trailer door.  No one EVER knocks on our trailer door.  Josh opened the door and in walked my Mama!  I was completely surprised.  Remember, my mom lives in the Seattle area and we are west of Sacramento!   It turns out she had an unexpected business trip to Sacramento this week and drove out to surprise us.  The boys and I were so excited to see her in the middle of our tour!  What a gift!  We spent the evening chatting and playing “Trouble”.  What a fun surprise!

After she left that evening Josh and I were talking about how this was the first time we have had a visitor in our trailer.  Of course, we have family and friends who have been inside the trailer, but this was the first official visitor.  Josh even had to bring in a lawn chair so we all had someplace to sit for dinner. J 

This got me thinking that some of you might think it was fun to know a little bit more about what our “normal” looks like – what it’s like to live (every day, all year) in a trailer.  So, I took some pictures of some of the creative ways that we make living/touring/managing a ministry/homeschooling in our trailer work. 
This is Thing 1's bed (the bottom bunk) aka play space, "desk", wrestling ring, and LEGO construction site.  You can see papers taped to the wall.  I provide the boys with an unlimited supply of blue tape so that can hang artwork, memory verses, and as you see on the right - chore charts.

Here you see our multifunctional “cubby”.  We store our printer, wii, and bread here. J  Next to it you see some of the boy’s artwork and a reminder to think only about what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. J (Philippians 4:8)

Our microwave doubles as cereal and potato chip storage!

I'm particularly proud of this one.  This was one of my projects today.  Here you see me de-frosting our fridge and freezer.  I have a little heater balanced on our oatmeal container on top of our laundry basket.  It is blowing heat into the fridge to speed the melting!  Impressive, right? ;)

And last but not least - this is our new truck... Josh's office.
Well, there you have it - a little peek at our life.  Tomorrow is our "Sabbath".  We're hoping to go to the zoo.  Next week I'm traveling to spend time with my cousin, which will be such a blessing but will make for a very busy week.  We have two church services Sunday, then I fly out on a red-eye.  I'll be gone for the week.  Then I'll fly back on Saturday and we'll have a church service on the next day.  I'd appreciate prayers for strength, health, and safety while I travel.  And of course for God's blessings and protection on my boys while I'm away. :)
We remain grateful for God's provision.  He takes such good care of us and we are privileged to be His servants and followers.  Love to you all!

NOTE: This blog has moved!  So, when you finish reading this post, be sure to head over to my new blog location at !

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Compassionate Jesus

I am weary.  Tired deep into my soul.  I could list all of the reasons, the things that have happened over the last few months, the struggles and difficulties…but then, you have your own trials, right?  Some of you have encountered sickness, death, poverty- so you don’t need to hear about my trials.  Besides, then you’d compare yourself to me and I’d compare myself to you, and none of that really matters.  Because your experiences are yours and mine are mine.  You feel how you feel, and I feel how I feel and there’s really no benefit to comparing.

If you’ve heard me share at a concert, then you know that God has taught me much over the last few years.  He has allowed me to hurt deeply to show me His love.  He showed me more about himself, and about myself, through great heartache, than could have ever been seen any other way.  I know that my value comes from Him and not from my voice.  I know that He loves me unconditionally.  My soul is knows great joy…

And yet, I continue to strive.  It’s who I am.  I’m a worker, a “go”er, a “do”er.  This might sound like pride.  Or maybe you’re impressed?...Don’t be. 

You see, I am consistently taunted by the enemy.  He makes me feel guilty, so I work hard to prove him wrong.  He says I’m fat, so I run.  He says I’m a bad teacher, so I obsess over homeschool curriculum.  He says I’m anti-social, so I talk and smile and laugh.  He says I’m selfish, so I sacrifice.  He says I’m a bad wife, so I cook and clean and save and try…I try and try and try…and I wear myself out.

I admit this all sounds pathetic and depressing.  Here’s the thing, though-

I love my Jesus!  I will do anything for Him.  At least, I want to do anything for Him.  And if I’m falling short, I want to fix it.  I’m willing to be tired if it means I am following better.

This is where it gets really good, though.  You see, I love Jesus, but He loves me more!  He loves me so much more.  “Oh thank you Jesus for loving me more.”

Last month I started having panic attacks, for no good reason I could think of.  I don’t feel nervous or worried and yet I would find my heart racing and my breath getting short.  So, I prayed and I went to the doctor.  Do you know what she said, “You’re doing too much!  Working too hard!” – “Ha!  I thought.  I don’t have time for a diagnosis like that!  I’ve got way too much to do!” (Seriously, that’s was my response.)

I have slept way too many hours the past few days.  Yesterday, I found myself back in bed at 10 am.  I’m not depressed and I don’t feel sick.  I’m just tired!  Soooo tired.

Today, I felt better when I woke up and I determined to have a super productive day to make up for the last few days.  I decided to start it off with a run.  I haven’t had the energy to run much over the past month and I’ve been struggling with unexplained ankle pain (I see you grinning and shaking your head).  So, I got up to go run.  I started walking (as I always do to warm up) and I felt the Spirit whispering to my heart…”Just walk.  It’s okay.  You don’t have to run.  You’re not lazy or a quitter.  You just need to rest.  I want you to rest.  I’m giving you my permission to slow down, to rest.”

“Oh Lord Jesus, Your compassion and mercy never ceases to amaze me!” 

I feel like a great burden has been lifted and I’m smiling.  I mean smiling ear to ear. 

“Thank you Jesus, for rest.  I need it.”

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Here We Go Again...

It happened!  We survived the holidays and made it to 2015!  Phew, that was close! ;)
Now we're on the road again! :)  December was VERY full- full of church services, Christmas celebrations, dentist and doctor appointments, family and friend fun, shingles for me, establishing our non-profit, a busted truck and a new truck! :)  Never a dull moment...literally!  None the less, our time home was a gift.  We feel refreshed and ready to be traveling again!

The first weekend of this tour is in Oregon, then we're headed to Cali.  We'll spend the majority of this tour in the Central Valley.  I'll keep you posted as we get into the swing of things.  In the meantime, here are just a few more pictures from our time back "home".

We joked with our boys that Santa would have to try to fit through our oven vent ;)

Will write again soon! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pressed But Not Crushed in 2014

Some years are harder than others.  2014 was a hard year. 
Not because we suffered great tragedy. 
Not because we felt alone or abandoned or confused… we didn’t. 

This year was hard because it was so much work!  This ministry and traveling life has required so much from us.  We often felt pulled in too many directions, stretched too thin, awake too much, and asleep too little!  In our marriage, we found ourselves in situations so foreign that we struggled to speak each other’s language.  As an individual, I sought God earnestly for growth, and in response He showed me areas in my life that needed stripped away, lies that needed defeated and wounds that needed healed.

As I begin 2015, I am not weary. 
I am tired, but not defeated. 
I have not finished this race, but this year I fought the good fight and I intend to continue to fight.  I will fight to follow well and I will keep the faith! 
My God is faithful and I pray His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. 
2015, ready or not, here we come!