Saturday, March 21, 2015

I didn't forget I have a blog! :)

I'm sitting here overwhelmed at the thought of trying to catch you up on the past few weeks.  Of course, in theory it would be easier if I just didn't let this much time past between posts, but in reality I haven't blogged because there simply hasn't been time.  Life is all about priorities, right? and as much as I love blogging and as important as I know it is to keep all of our friends, family, and prayer warriors up-to-date on the happenings of our family...honestly, there are a lot of things that sit higher on my priority list. :)  It is not uncommon for me to go several days without having time to even open up my laptop.  I do my best, though, and I'm here typing now. :)

On Feb 25, I sliced my finger with my blender and had to get stitches.  It was such a pain not having the use of my middle finger on my right hand for two weeks, but I got the stitches out the day after we got home and my finger is back to normal now.


Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks of our tour.

Believe it or not, I do actually get on the platform and participate too, but it's hard to take my own picture! :)



Fun at an orchard on our last day off in Bakersfield!
We left our trailer with some friends in California (since we'll be headed back there after our time home) in order to save gas and time traveling north.  Our stay in the Seattle area is less than three weeks, so we're staying a few days at my sister's house and the rest of the time with some friends from church.  We are so grateful for those willing to open their homes to our family!

Two days after we got back into town, we had a combined birthday party for Caden and my nephew Easton.  Easton requested a LEGO party.  The cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents all gathered for a loud chaotic LEGO building extravaganza!

We are enjoying our time back, despite the insane busyness of it!  It is a gift to spend time with friends and family!  We traveled back down to the Portland area for the weekend last weekend and had two wonderful ministry events.  Once again, connecting with new churches is always a blessing!  Tomorrow morning we are in the Olympia area, which means we don't have to pack up to go anywhere for the weekend.  We'll just drive down in the morning.  This also is a new church.  We look forward to partnering with them in their ministry to that community.

Next week we'll enjoy a few more days with friends and family as well as get some "home" errands done ( appts. etc...) before heading back down to California.  This time home is going so fast, but I am so grateful for a husband who was willing to fit this time into our touring schedule.  He knows how much I especially treasure the time back to reconnect so he is working hard to get us home more often this year! :)

Until next time (which will be sooner or later, that's the best I can promise you! :)
Love to you all!

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